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I’m going in for my other surgery tomorrow, so it might be a while until the next update

until then, here is a playlist that reminds me of Dead End and all our spooky friends

Listen on YouTube (because I didn’t feel like making an 8-tracks account)

  1. I Hear Voices - Kasabian
  2. Kill All Your Friends - My Chemical Romance
  3. Vampire - Dr. Dog
  4. Playing With Fire - Brandon Flowers
  5. Running Up That Hill - Placebo
  6. Turn The Lights Off - Tally Hall
  7. Little Drop Of Poison - Tom Waits
  8. Chemical Bomb - The Aquabats
  9. 42 - Coldplay
  10. Satin In A Coffin - Modest Mouse
  11. Hide And Seek - Imogen Heap
  12. Veridis Quo - Daft Punk
  13. Megalomania - Muse (NOTE: There are literally no good versions of this song uploaded so I had to link to the full album at like 44 minutes when this song starts)
  14. Ramblin’ Man - Hank Williams
  15. Map Of The World - Monsters Of Folk
  16. Goodnight, Travel Well - The Killers

theprophetchuck asked: I just read literally all of Dead-End just now in the last 30 minutes or so and now I can't wait for the reeeest.

thank you friend!

there is plenty more to come, I assure you

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